Tonight, Tonight

Tonight, Tonight

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The lyrics to the acclaimed Tonight, Tonight by the Smashing Pumpkins arranged as flowing text overlaying imagery from the music video.


Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness was the album that solidified my Pumpkins fandom and Tonight, Tonight (and its music video) was captivating. It remains a fixture on my iPod.

For this project I used several images from the music video to keep the pages interesting. Regarding the text layout, we’d been studying grid layouts and I used a very conservative one here.

Over each page of this project I experimented a little more with a grid and flowing text. The first page focused on the grid, the second flowed text around the blimp, and the third uses flowing text around the band members.

When I started the project I knew immediately that I wanted to use a picture of the blimp from the music video. At first I nudged the text on this page through several layouts before settling on flowing it around the contours of the space-faring blimp.

I did not submit it but one version with the blimp had the text as both ragged left and right but I felt that strayed too far from the grid we were supposed to be demonstrating an understanding of.

This was an exercise from one of my graphic design classes in college. The objective was to layout the lyrics for a song on 8.5×11-inch pages.These lyrics and images are copyrights of their respective owners.