Good Fortune

Good Fortune

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The primary art for a series of six pull-tab posters placed around the campus of the University of Alabama as part of an art exhibit.


The exhibit was to meet the needs of an art class: display art in a non-gallery setting and hold an exhibit about it. I created the posters to be interacted with by passersby. The prints are initially “perfect” and with each fortune removed, a piece of the image would be taken as well.

The posters were simple 8 1/2 x 11-inch, black and white, with tear-tabs of fortunes on them (like those found in the cookies at Chinese restaurants). The tabs were arranged on the page in such a way that removing them would destroy the print.

The rough edges of the tears would all be random and, in the end, the portion that remained without fortunes wouldn’t be pretty for its completeness but instead for its random and worn appearance.