Breast Cancer Ad

Breast Cancer Ad

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An exercise from my graphic design curriculum, I was given several assets (a photo, logo, and some body copy) and designed an ad in three sizes.

Thoughts about Full Page

Absent from this version of the ad is the page curl I used behind the logo. Reflecting on it now I think I make that effect too stark; the gradient too intense. I’d tone it down next time.

Like the other projects this semester, this one simulates a real world application. A fictional client wants to run a Breast Cancer ad in several magazines and completing the assignment meant laying out a full page, half page, and quarter page ad.

Thoughts about Half Page

For the tag line I opted to lay the text out in varying sizes. The white text on black could stand to be either a heavier weight or perhaps larger to improve readability.

Thoughts about Quarter Page

Like the half-page ad, I experimented with changing up the size of the text in the tagline. There was a lot of body copy and fitting it in the space provided was very challenging.

Also, thinking on it now, I’d ditch the page curl if for no other reason than I can’t be sure where it’d appear on a page‚ÄĒit would look strange to have a curl in the middle of the page.