Strawberry Jam and Toast Program

Strawberry Jam and Toast Program

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The program featuring the full alligator jamming out guitar on its paintbrush.

This was part of a mock project in college to design a consistent campaign of tickets, programs, and posters for the annual Strawberry Jam and Toast to the Arts Festival in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.


I recall grunge and graffiti/stencil art being popular styles in advertising around 2005–2007. I feel that’s where the “* Program of events *” gets its inspiration compared to the rest of the art on display.

Borrowing the scooped-out element from the ticket stub in this series, the top-right corner has a quarter circle taken out of it.

I am pleased with some of the overlapping art with regard to the black border. While some portions of that could have been more effectively met, overall I like what I was doing.