Strawberry Jam and Toast Ticket

Strawberry Jam and Toast Ticket

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A ticket modeled after the stubs you might receive in a raffle.

This was part of a mock project in college to design a consistent campaign of tickets, programs, and posters for the annual Strawberry Jam and Toast to the Arts Festival in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.


It’s interesting to write about some of these college projects so long after the fact.

Sometimes there are things I’d do differently—like enlarge the “Strawberry Jam and Toast…” text that follows the contours of the gator’s mouth. It is the name of the event, after all, and should be prominent.

Or swap that text with the location and date text.

Other things I admire and would want to hold fast. For instance how the paintbrush is behind the black border along the bottom but the brush head is above the border along the side.