Alfred Hitchcock Note Card

Alfred Hitchcock Note Card

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Part of the graphic design curriculum at the University of Alabama, I was tasked with making a business card, postage envelope, letterhead, and note card for Alfred Hitchcock.


Inspired by the spiraling image from a Vertigo movie poster, I decided to use something similar on this note card. Were I to do it differently, I’d take the spatter out of the background since it’s used to almost grotesque and comical proportions. In the other pieces of the stationary I think I used the spatter judiciously.

The exercise was to use imagery that would exude the celebrity in question. As Hitchcock is popularly known for his films, I opted to thematically use a film reel frame and black & white imagery. I contrasted with red since it’s foreboding and associated with blood.

Except the business card, each piece of stationary highlights a different Hitchcock film.