Rear Window (Poster)

Rear Window (Poster)

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A mock movie poster for an imagined remake of Hitchcock’s Rear Window. Don’t forget the DVD!


In college, Photoshop was the tool of choice in-class and I remember feeling that, aesthetically, my peers work looked alike with collages and photo manipulations. Cell-shading familiar things and being unconventional with color meant my work stood out and could be judged interpretively.

Some Philosophy

Looking over my work from college you’d think I snubbed Photoshop (the truth: Illustrator was affordable). From those early beginnings though, Illustrator has become my preferred application for art and print design.

I think that more often than not there is a different expectation of things made with Photoshop. For example, people expect more real than reality and seamless photo manipulations.

Illustrator art isn’t inferior to a good ‘Shop job, it’s just that Illustrator quickly lends itself to cartoony art. Viewers are disarmed because they aren’t expecting realistic results then, so there tends to be more leeway.

My work got better when I came to those terms because I started holding my work to a different standard. Projects became about how I could take the familiar things and recreate them in fewer colors and fewer lines while still keeping them recognizable.

With that being said,

  1. there is always room for good and/or comically bad ‘Shop jobs
  2. there are folks out there that make photo-real art with Illustrator. They’re on another level!