April Calendar (Blame Someone Else)

April Calendar (Blame Someone Else)

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The annual “Blame Someone Else” day is held on the first Friday the 13th of a given year. I made this and another page for a college project in early 2007.

Looking back on it now, I realize this calendar is inaccurate because 2008’s first Friday the 13th was in June.


I remember foremost that I wanted to lay out the dates in a radial pattern. The theme and the rest of the imagery came as a result of that plan.

Around this time I was also in an art history course that covered movements of the last 50 years. As a result, I illustrated this project in Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art style. Also I wasn’t particularly good at making faces in Illustrator so I covered the guy’s face with a beard and poofy hair.

The goal of this exercise was to celebrate an obscure holiday and lay out a calendar page without the usual rows and columns. This and its partner page are not particularly functional calendars.