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The set of icons I made from scratch for use by Hiwaay Information Services on their homepage.


Hiwaay was my first full-time job out of college and it came to pass that they wanted to redesign their website.

I’m excited they’re still using my work! I’m less excited that that work looks so dated.┬áRemember when the Internet was all jelly bean buttons and reflective surfaces? I do.

Hiwaay has several services they provide customers and I had it in my head that the homepage should be a shrine to each and that each be embodied by a pretty icon. And so it was.

I was mindful that the icons should be recognizable in a variety of sizes and should look distinct from one another while maintaining the same theme.

Also, Valve’s Team Fortress 2 had just been released and I’d caught a bit in the audio commentary about making silhouettes distinct to aide identification. I’m generalizing here since the better take away is how the character designers conveyed purpose and function to make everyone in-game immediately recognizable at all distances/orientations and, in turn, size up a given character’s abilities.