Tuscaloosa Academy Cookbook 2009

Tuscaloosa Academy Cookbook 2009

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The cover for the 2009 Tuscaloosa Academy fund raising cookbook—their mascot, a knight, holding a sword and covered tray.


When I was approached about illustrating the cover for this cookbook I was told the title, “A Knight in the Kitchen,” and shown a previous year’s cover. This year the book’s cover will be embossed white on blue over a three-ring binder.

I am especially fond of this piece because I feel I get some of my best results when working with two tones—contrasts are higher and white space can become more valuable.

The circular border is supposed to conjure an art deco pattern that might be around a dinner plate. The kitchen, particularly the stove, has clean lines and is modeled to look like it’s from the 50’s.

As for the knight, its armor is a mash-mash of components and chain mail and does not stem from a particular set.