Art Nouveau Christmas 2009

Art Nouveau Christmas 2009

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This is our first Christmas as a married couple and I wanted to send something original to mark the occasion.


For years now my dad has taken “down and out” photos as a joke to send as Christmas cards. One year we stood by a burn barrel, another he had a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

Married now, I want to make an annual card of my family that can highlight some thing(s) from the year and, whenever possible, include humorous elements. Each year will be in a different art style, this year’s drawing inspiration from Alfons Mucha’s art nouveau style.

My highlight for 2009 was visiting Ben and his wife in Galveston, Texas where I got to pet a penguin—it felt like a football. The inside joke was more for Laura’s benefit but I’ve adorned her with wheat, holly, and ivy. In that theme I included a pomegranate.