Boone Newspapers Redesign

Boone Newspapers Redesign

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Boone is planning to update their corporate website. With a new front-end will also come a new back-end and since we’re moving all of the newspapers WordPress, we’ll deploy it here as well.

Thoughts about Blue Gloss

Like the other two in the series, I used the 960 Grid System to layout the comp. For this piece I opted to use glossy buttons to make the interface elements more obvious to users.

Thoughts about Blue Print

I’m very fond of the typography I made for the header. The theme is supposed to take inspiration from printed newspapers. I may have been too literal with it when I tried to simulate print like it would appear on the other side of a page (as seen near the top).

Thoughts about Orange

For this series I intend to remove the vertical navigation that dots the current site. I’ve opted to use warm colors in this comp.