ARTDOCS Benefit Auction 2011 Postcard

ARTDOCS Benefit Auction 2011 Postcard

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Part of the ARTDOCS Benefit Auction 2011 materials. Like the + logo, the x-ray hands were an asset provided to me by ARTDOCS.

Thoughts about the front

This was the first piece I worked on for their promotional materials and was where I settled on the typography that would be carried to the other items.

Thoughts about the back

As a preference I tend to avoid centered text when laying out pages so, at first, the righthand column was a difficult for me to come to terms with. Eventually I nudged it enough that it looked right to me.

Also, I felt the uneven black strips with white text were a good way to highlight some of the important at-a-glance details that a person might expect and subconsciously register.