ARTDOCS Benefit Auction 2011 Program

ARTDOCS Benefit Auction 2011 Program

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ARTDOCS is a non-profit that offers health care to artists that cannot afford insurance. I was approached to do their print materials for their 2011 Benefit Auction.

They needed an 8.5×11 inch bi-fold program, 4×6 inch postcard, 11×17 inch poster, and a 6×8 foot banner. Their logo and the “x-ray hands” assets as well as the body copy were provided to me. I laid it all out on paper and offered merchant support.

Thoughts about the inside

These pages consist mostly of the ARTDOCS’ history and mission statement. The hands in the background look really sharp here but they are much more subtle in the printed product.

Thoughts about the lots

Pictured here is one of the “lots” sides from the innermost pages. The lots pages were laid out the same so there isn’t much point in posting them both here.