Family Medicine Jump Drive

Family Medicine Jump Drive

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The “landing page” for our clerkship materials, this page features the photo of our clerkship staff and some background about our program.

Prominently featured here is the green/blue wave that divides each section of Family Medicine material.


Pictured here is a small portion of a webpage that serves as the interface to Family Medicine’s material. The page is very tall and the main navigation is fixed across the top. jQuery is used to smoothly scroll to the selected location.

A highlight for me was developing a seamless tile for the background where the pattern is tilted at 10-degrees instead of the usual 90-degree increments.

One last flare for the page’s layout, the wave separates each section of the page.

I’ve been pleased that PNG-24 support has come far enough that the format can be reliably used in Web design. This saves development time and the results are cleaner than ever when layering images and patters in a webpage layout.

I settled on the single column layout and styling here because it would be easier to guarantee formatting consistency from computer-to-computer.


Each block our students receive a jump drive from the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). We include on the drive various videos, mp3s, and documents for our students to complement the material available on our website.