Red Line Streetcar 2012

Red Line Streetcar 2012

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A poster inspired by and advertising the streetcar line that runs on Canal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Last year I made a streetcar poster for my dad on  his birthday. The poster here I made in the art deco style of A. M. Cassandre.

In an effort to make the poster appear from a less high-tech time, I purposefully offset several of the grain textures in places to make it look like the printer registers are not aligned.

As an aside, the prints I’ve made have been for 11×17-inch paper. I like the format because the pictures are big but not too big. However, it turns out that nice looking 11×17 frames are hard to come by.

Stubbornly I completed a year’s worth of birthday art under that format but, starting with this poster, I am looking at 11×14-inch prints. There is easily more frame variety in this size.