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A completed draft of Prytania comic prologue.


Prytania is a street in New Orleans that runs parallel to the historic St. Charles Avenue. For me, Prytania Street is one of those pleasant neighborhood roads you’ll walk down when you’re not in a hurry. It also has my favorite movie theater.

Regarding my comic, the fictional people and events are heavily influenced by New Orleans—there’s simply no other city like it.

Visually, I want to do the comic in black and white with an overall art deco theme. The story doesn’t take place in a particular era, some of it will have a 50’s vibe while other parts feel modern.

Taking a cue from Valve’s Team Fortress 2 commentary, the characters are designed to have very distinct silhouettes—it’ll strengthen the finished product and improve recognition for readers. It’ll also allow me to experiment with scenes that may use only outlines.