Victorian Portraiture Christmas 2012

Victorian Portraiture Christmas 2012

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Christmas is here and so is our card. If these period pieces keep coming up we’ll be cave paintings before long.


The imagery for this piece gathers inspiration from a few different places.

Laura and I had LASIK and our Christmas cards always reflects some highlight(s) of our year. So of course we’ll be without glasses.

Some months ago I saw Paper Cuts at and the imagery stuck in my mind—it’s a good collection of iconic silhouettes in a vintage portrait setting.

Learning from last year’s large-to-small-scale fiasco I started out wanting us to be “big” with lots of details. So no sprawling scene.

Framing us in ovals helped conjure glasses lenses and moved me forward with the old portraiture vibe. From there it wasn’t far to do everything in a painterly style, dress us in Victorian garb, and solidify the theme.

In the past I’ve used Photoshop for some aging and fine details, but not this year. I am pleased that this is Illustrator from top to bottom (thanks to some tricks in CS6).