Smugglin’ Turtles

Smugglin’ Turtles

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Part of a series of tank top prints for Laura. Includes Watermelon Seeds, Mama Bear, and Copying.


This is the print that started me on the path to make the series. Laura will be pregnant through a New Orleans summer and tank tops will be good to have. Fun, thematic tank tops will hopefully be even better.

The tagline is mine and she approved. I thought it’d be cute to have pregnancy belly and imply she’s hiding turtles under her shirt.

This and other prints in the series were originally going to look artificially aged (with flakes missing). In the end we agreed that we should print them untouched and see what happens.

Our good friends at World of Strange print shirts. We wanted to announce our pregnancy to them in a fun way so I made custom prints that they knew would be for Laura. I zipped them up and sent them along figuring the designs would tell our story. We were not disappointed.