Alligator Stole My Coffee

Alligator Stole My Coffee

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An illustration of an alligator stealing a cup of coffee. This is a preview of a series of poster-sized prints for Krewe du Brew, a local coffee shop in New Orleans.


Briefly, on the colors, I am really pleased with the vibrant palette on display. I’d describe the reds, blues, and greens and their application as playful.

Of the more lengthy things to say, I am very proud of the stippling effect I achieved because this was made entirely in Illustrator.

For those that know, the effect would not be challenging in Photoshop, but the art would be rasterized and limited in print size. Illustrator’s vector art is infinitely resizable but doesn’t typically lend itself to painterly effects.

It wouldn’t be unheard of to lay out the art in Illustrator then import to Photoshop to apply the fine details, but that rasterizes the piece and limits how big you can print.

Making the stipple effect happen natively in Illustrator has meant that I can print this piece in a range of sizes without the pixels becoming noticeable.

I have loved a number of John Gilroy’s My Goodness My Guinness ads for as long as I can remember—and for nearly as long I’ve wanted to pay tribute by making something like them.