Possum Stole My Coffee

Possum Stole My Coffee

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The second illustration in a series of prints for Krewe du Brew—this one very much a direct homage to a John Gilroy.


Many of my thoughts from the alligator poster remain relevant to this one.

The colors of the possum’s fur are to my liking but I think the texture could use some work. Overall I feel the style works for what I’m trying to emulate.

I’ll add that I gave Illustrator’s gradient mesh tool a go with the possum. I need more practice with it but I remain in awe of the folks that put together detailed scenes full of, if not entirely composed with, gradient meshes.

Coming soon is the third and final poster. These and other prints are on sale at Krewe du Brew, 1610 St. Charles Avenue.

I have loved a number of John Gilroy’s My Goodness My Guinness ads for as long as I can remember—and for nearly as long I’ve wanted to pay tribute by making something like them.