I’d Rather be Diving Theme

I’d Rather be Diving Theme

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I developed this WordPress theme for my portfolio website around a SCUBA diving motif.


This was the first theme I wrote using HTML5 Boilerplate, a front-end template brought to my attention during an interview. It’s a great place to start and certainly helps improve HTML5 support with older browsers.

For this design I took the opportunity to break out some new CSS3 features I’d been interested in. Nothing fancy—some opacity in the main navigation and the header image on the homepage scales up nicely on higher resolutions.

I also added the Lazy Load jQuery plugin and applied it to thumbnails—only load the ones that are visible. Since I want to have more pictures on a given archive page I thought it would be a courtesy for the mobile users.

I saw a stroke art typography tutorial and felt inspired. Some SCUBA diving on my mind and a little artistic license later I arrived at the header graphic on the homepage.